The logo of the Fisheries Ecosystems Laboratory (LabPesq) denotes the necessary stewardship for aquatic natural resources (represented by the fish, crustacean and squid), circulated by 3 human entities’ arms surrounding them.

It indicates the need to join collective efforts for what should be a common aim of humanity. The 3 “care entities“ represent the sustainability dimensions: ecologicalsocialeconomic, and the equilibrium between those forces in a circular form.

Moreover, it includes the triangulation among the fundamental missions of LabPesq: teachingresearchextension (also the university pillars) represented by the 3 colors and entities.
Lastly, the colors of the logo take into consideration the importance of the connection with the University of São Paulo, reflecting the official colors of its logo. It aims to represent the compromise with the excellence standards of the Institution, as well as with the values rooted in its constitution.

Three elements in three colors and three lines:

usp faixas

Dimensions: ecological, social, economic.

Pillars: teaching, research, extension.

Official colors of the University of São Paulo.


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