The ecosystem approach to fisheries, focal theme of LabPesq since its foundation in 2005, was the subject of project NOVAPESCA. Entitled “Modernization of fisheries research: innovation and capacity building for an ecosystem approach to fisheries”, the project established minimum research standards for the application of this type of fisheries management methodology, in Brazil.

The research agreement NOVAPESCA, funded by FINEP (Brazil), was organized in IOUSP as a thematic project with the aim of modernizing fisheries research following international quality standards, through technological innovation and capacity for an ecosystem approach to fisheries. The project objectives were: (a) the creation of a reference laboratory for practices related to ecosystem-based fisheries management, in order to provide support to the national development of these activities, and (b) the acquisition of research infrastructure towards the development of marine research able to evaluate and monitor fisheries resources based on new methods.

Support: FUSP, USP